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Editorial: The Travel Issue

By Attireclub @attireclub
Editorial: The Travel IssueThis editorial was first published in InCompany by Attire Club, Summer 2018.

When reading about the sources of inspiration of various collections, one often finds that travel is a common theme. And there is a good reason for that. Traveling is a way of discovering new things, new colors, new aesthetics and new ideas that enrich one's life and broaden his horizons. People who travel are always keeping the places they've been to as cultural reference points and try to go back to them when they need to understand something more about themselves, others and the world.

Those who don't get to travel as much often have a yearning for broadening their horizons. Even though today we have the world at our fingertips, seeing it on a screen is not enough. This is why we see more and more hand-crafted, ethnic-derived, naive garments and accessories in the fashion world: the more we take in the world in a digital way, the more we have a need to compensate that through fabrics with textures. Moreover, in a world where everything becomes more and more standardized and simple, people are looking for ways to compensate that, and they do it by surrounding themselves with unique pieces of clothing, of art and of décor.

Back to traveling, it is rare to have two people having the exact same travel background, which in many ways makes one's travels a version of his unique identity. We see such kaleidoscopic combinations in the world of fashion very much, where designers combine unexpected worlds and ways of looking at things.

The question of "what if" is a very common and current starting point for many creative people around the world. What if a Mayan village met a high-tech Japanese robot factory? What if an African tribe read the legends of the Russian tundra? What if an Icelandic fisherman went to a k-pop party in China?

These questions and others like them are the basis for many creative processes. This type of question as the basis for a creative process is also one of the best reflections we have of what the world is today: a global network of people and ideas that are coming together and looking for the best way possible to do it, as we understand that there is no going back.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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