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Editorial: Sommernovelette

By Attireclub @attireclub
Editorial: SommernoveletteThis editorial was first published in InCompany by Attire Club, Summer 2019.

Summer is an atmosphere. For most people, the warmest season is associated with vacation, a school-free time and long days of thoughts and events. Summer has its own smells - from the fresh grass of the morning in early summer to the burning streets of midday in July to the aired wooden cabinets in your old home in August. Summer looks like a chalk drawing on a sidewalk, it feels like an evening party that starts as the sunlight mixes with the hanging lights on a string and which goes deep into the dark, dark night.

For many, summer is about the beach and feeling primordial, as you can experience the world on your skin: the salty water, the fine sand, the rough rocks of the sea.

The heat of the sun is one of the biggest parts of summer; it's what decides your outfits (which allow you now more options and more natural looks) and it's the element around which you change your outfits (when the night comes, the sunglasses come off and the jacket comes on).

Summer is about the noise of the night, the quiet of the streets in the afternoon and the forest concerto put on by birds, bugs and rivers. It's the long introspective nights watching the skies and following the rotation of the stars.

The warm days of summer make us dream of sandy beaches we've seen or dreamt of and of dry bushes at the end of the world. Summer is the season to do things.

Summer is a narrative as a description.

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