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By Rockmefabulous @RockMeFabulous

  Editorial Policy

A good massage can be bought, a good review cannot

Our editorial is totally clean – meaning that no one, not even Channing Tatum , can pay to be on The Fab Report (although he’s welcome to come by and say hi whenever he wants and we do mean WHENEVER ; p). Every fabulous product, service, treatment and establishment we feature is hand selected by our editorial staff and chosen because we think it’s absolutely fetch and worth writing about.
When you do get an email from our sponsors (Friends with Benefits.) Know that these emails are paid for so the content of these emails does not necessarily express the opinion of our our editorial team.
And unlike your frenemy in high school, we will never spread any information about you – not your name, email, address, or the fact that you still rock out to Mmm Bop – yeaaa, we know about that!
We hope you continue to like your daily dose of Fabulousity! And if you do — please make sure to follow us on Twitter . Oh and don’t forget to spread the Glam. Click here to send The Fab Report to your bff's.

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