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Editorial: Le Monde à l’Envers

By Attireclub @attireclub

Editorial: Le Monde à l’EnversThere is a German song that says that "Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei (everything has an end, just the sausage has two)". While it may be a questionable song to sing (first and foremost because it's not true), it is actually an indicator of a symbolic position towards the ending of a cycle that is often found in philosophy and art. The change of the world, or better said, the change of a world is often met with a distance and with a seemingly humorous approach. As not only the second decade of the century comes to an end, but apparently an entire cycle of life, we are now witnessing a world turned upside down, where the rare and the secret spill over into the mainstream and where everything is met with confusion and a sense of anxiousness.

In this sense, our autumn edition is the first one to be covered by a woman (not a very unusual move for a men's magazine, but a carefully chosen premiere). Moreover, in this issue, we explore le monde à l'envers, as we strongly focus on clowns, jesters and the circus - not only in terms of crazy dressers, but as symbolic entities as well. A magazine made to look at suits and cars is exploring the ins and outs of the philosophy of a world of magic.

The world of the odd is always present in society, but comes out in public only when the world turns upside down, a mark of a change in everything.

We live in troubled times moving towards change and we're not sure what the landing will be like. This is why people's aesthetic interests these days are non-classic as we look for a deep type of balance.

Often, the end of something overlaps with a beginning. The upside down world is a part of a world that is going through change. In this sense, at such a time, a wave of hybrids, the extraordinary and the unusual become ordinary, as we have reached the social "marginalia", which is covered in the strange (in Medieval manuscripts, the margins of a page were adorned with bizarre or unconventional images). This is meant to complete the cycle and to allow for the rebirth or rejuvenation of the world.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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