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Eco Golf - Golf is Simple

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
Eco Golf - Golf is Simple One of the best parts of my job involves working with cutting edge golf brands in order to help announce their vision to the golf community.  Last week I introduced an innovative golf apparel company called Chase54; this week, I have the pleasure of introducing another innovative golf company called Eco Golf.
Eco Golf is the manufacturer of a golf accessory that we all use... golf tees.  Although this may sound like a plain and simple business (and in a sense, it is) I assure you, the creativity and ingenuity of Eco Golf goes much deeper.  I'm reminded of a valuable business lesson that I learned early in my career, the power of simplicity.  Maintaining a simple business plan, simple product designs, simple services etc etc.  By keeping things simple, it allows companies to stay focused on their core goals and values; it allows them to identify their niche and then to excel at it. Many of the best and biggest companies in the world were founded and built around the concept of simplicity; and that's exactly the sentiment I get from Eco Golf.
They've identified their niche, making golf tees, which combined with their hard work and dedication has allowed them to raise the bar  for golf tee manufacturing.  They're doing this in numerous ways including producing higher quality more durable tees, making them more eco friendly, and by offering golf tee branding options that I've never before seen (no I'm not just talking about printing on the tees themselves).  For more information, check out the Eco Golf website at:
You can also connect with Eco Golf on Twitter @EcoGolfUSA and join us in the conversation using #GolfIsSimple.
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