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Eco-Friendly Weddings Are All the Rage

By Weddingblog2011

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming more and more popular, so why shouldn’t they become a part of wedding planning as well?

When you think about it, weddings can be a very wasteful event, which is why eco-friendly weddings are all the rage now. So much money is spent on decorations, expensive invitations, a bridal gown that will only be worn once, and gifts that you may or may not like. An eco-friendly wedding is much less wasteful and more environmentally friendly, but it can be a money saver as well. Here are some tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Opt for Secondhand

One of the ways you can be environmentally friendly is by choosing a secondhand or vintage wedding dress. You don’t have to compromise on fit or quality as long as you search carefully for the right one and get it altered as needed. If you can shake the stigma of wearing a secondhand dress, chances are your wedding guests won’t even know.

Eco-Friendly Decor

Another way to have an eco-friendly wedding involves choosing environmentally friendly decorations. So many decorations get put up on the wedding day, only to be thrown away once the festivities are over. Have a wedding with decorations that can be used again and again is much more environmentally friendly, even more so than cut flowers that are just going to be thrown away.

Simple Gifts

If you really want to cut down on the waste involved in weddings, you should opt against extravagant gifts. Choose to have all of the guests give a donation to a particular charity in your name, rather than give you gifts. If you already have most of the things you need for your home, this is better than receiving wasteful gifts that you do not need.

If you would like gifts but don’t want to cause waste by getting things you don’t want or use, create a wedding registry so your guests know exactly what you want. This allows you to get some of the things you would want to buy anyway, while avoiding dozens of photo frames or similar items that you did not necessarily want.

In many cases, an eco-friendly wedding means creating a simple wedding rather than an extravagant affair. But you don’t have to give everything up. You can always just choose to implement a couple of eco-friendly aspects without having to overhaul your whole wedding. Keep these things in mind when planning an eco-friendly wedding.

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