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Eco-Friendly Toys

By Jean Campbell

The following guest post  on eco-friendly toys is from Laura Scott, website manager for the Toymaker of Williamsburg.

Eco Friendly Toys…good for the planet, great for your family

The term “Eco-friendly” seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues lately. It’s showing up in everything from what people eat to how they drive to what they wear. It’s no wonder why the green movement has touched every part of life. Being “green” gives you all of the convenience that you need without leaving mountains of pollution and waste behind. Even if you’re not on the “green” bandwagon, eco-friendly toys may be the right choice for you and your family.

What are Eco-Friendly Toys?

Eco-friendly toys are made from renewable resources or recycled materials with environmentally safe manufacturing processes. Eco friendly toys don’t use batteries or plugs because these energy sources create pollution and waste, and you can even expect the packaging of these toys to be environmentally safe.

an eco-friendly toy race car
Eco Friendly Toy Materials

Toy materials are considered eco-friendly if they are made from renewable resources or recycled materials. Renewable or sustainable materials are produced in nature and will regenerate.

For example, if a tree is cut down, more trees will grow in its place leaving virtually no effect on the planet. If these resources are abused, they can be depleted, but if sustainable materials are used responsibly and in moderation, they will be naturally replaced. This is the idea behind environmentally friendly toys. The toys are produced with materials that will be naturally replaced without a negative effect on the planet.

Some renewable, eco-friendly materials include hemp, cork, wool, bamboo, cotton, non-toxic and lead free paints and dyes, and other biodegradable materials. Common recycled materials used in eco-friendly toys include recycled wood, recycled glass, recycled rubber, and recycled plastic.

The acquisition of these materials is closely regulated by eco-friendly companies. Also, these materials are natural and proven safe. You can be sure your children won’t be the guinea pigs for the newest this or that.

Eco Friendly Manufacturing Processes

Part of being eco-friendly means using green manufacturing processes. Green companies use environmentally safe inputs, minimize energy use, and put very strict regulations on toy production. This creates less pollution and waste for the environment and ensures that you, the customer, are buying a safe and long-lasting toy.

How Eco-friendly toys benefit your family

When it comes to toys, buying eco-friendly isn’t just good for the earth; it’s safer for your family. Toy recalls are a constant worry for toy consumers. So many recalls happen because of the materials used to make the toy. Toys that contain lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and PVC are dangerous for your little ones. You can be sure you won’t find these in eco-friendly toys. Poorly regulated toy manufacturing also increases the risk for an unsafe toy. Everything about environmentally safe toys from the materials to the manufacturing is closely regulated.

Environmentally safe toys are also made to be durable and long lasting. One of the concepts of being environmentally friendly is reducing the amount of waste we produce; so green toys are inherently meant to be long lasting rather than a fad toy that is cheap or breakable.

You can browse a selection of eco-friendly and other unique toys and collectibles at The Toymaker of Williamsburg.

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