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Eco-friendly Austria – Paper Recycling

By Linda

Eco-friendly Austria – Paper RecyclingAustria heads the EU on paper recycling, with around 60% of all paper products being recycled.

Environmental Impact

In 2001 Austria recycled about 99,000 metric tonnes of paper waste and that figure has been steadily rising ever since. The impact this has on the environment is impressive. Some of the savings to the planet of recycling just one tonne of paper product, include:

  • 17 mature trees;
  • 7,000 gallons of water;
  • 3 cubic yards of landfill site;
  • 2 barrels of oil;
  • and 4,000 kWh electrical energy
Multiply that by the metric tonnage recycled by Austria and it’s positively mind-blowing! Country and Community Cleanliness First time visitors to Austria will be instantly aware that there is very little litter lying about on streets, in pastures or mountain passes. Austria’s commitment to eco-friendliness is apparent everywhere and puts other EU members (like the UK) to shame. Citizens and visitors alike are encouraged to recycle paper products at any and every opportunity. Boxes not bags, are available in shops and superstores for the transportation of goods. Municipal paper recycling or collection stations abound in even the remotest of alpine places. Should you decide to visit this most beautiful and clean of countries (and stay in an alpine chalet or snow resort), please ensure that you follow the simple code of the country’s cleanliness and recycling policies.

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