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Ebay Lately: Vintage Lamp Pairs

By Heather @home_modern

If you look closely at a couple of my other eBay posts here and here, you’ll see these two pairs of lamps. I guess if you’re watching enough items on eBay, a few things are bound to come home with you (just as these did!). I’m a HUGE fan of vintage lamps, and you can find many excellent pairs of lamps for even less than what you would spend at  a place like Target (and you’re recycling)!

Ebay Lately: Vintage Lamp Pairs

{Seller’s photo – see nordic_french_style’s other items here}

I got this pair of lamps for our dining room buffet. Since the buffet is mirrored, I thought bringing some wood and ceramic into the area would be a nice balance. I’ll show a dining room reveal once our wallpaper is done.

Ebay Lately: Vintage Lamp Pairs

{Seller’s photo – see thimblesandy’s other items here}

These I got for our bedroom dresser, which is actually two identical dressers pushed together to make one big dresser. They’re smaller with a brass and black painted wood base and vintage shade that the seller kindly restrung. I’m also working on a project with the dressers, so I’ll point these out again when I feature that post. The lamps look great against the light gray walls. Light gray and brass is quickly becoming one of my favorite combinations.

What do you think of these finds?


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