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Eat, Pray, Love… and Smile

By Superinspire @nenadciric

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After reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert a few years ago, yesterday I finally decided to watch the same titled movie starring Julia Roberts, James Franco, Viola Davis and Javier Bardem. Obviously the movie, as it often happens, wasn’t as inspiring as the memoir it is based on, but it wasn’t bad either (even though I have heard many negative reviews). The movie just seems a bit more realistic and more limiting for you imagination. Books always allow you a certain degree of free interpretation of author’s thoughts.

Anyway, my favorite part of the movie, and the book, is the Bali adventure and Liz’s relationship with the medicine-man Ketut. I find his advice on meditation truly marvelous: “To meditate, only you must smile. Smile with face, smile with mind, and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy. Even smile in your liver.”

Beautiful words. We easily learn to smile with our lips, we know it’s true when we notice that sparkle in our or someone else’s eyes. After lot of work and self discovery we might learn to smile with our minds too. But to learn to smile in your liver, that’s the proof that joy has permanently permeated your body and soul.


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