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Eat Light And Grill Right

By Montec @fashionstar

Go ahead and light the and set it up for direct grilling over high heat. ..... the burgers right off the grill so they are steamy hot when ready to eat

Eat light And Grill Right

According to the article,

Once you learn to fire it up right, you'll discover that [the grill] just might be the most effective weight-loss tool in your arsenal...A study in the journal Meat Science found that grilling a pork chop by conventional methods could actually decrease its fat content by nearly a third.

Now, you may want to take the lazy route and just order something grilled from your local restaurant. But here's where things get tricky. In many cases, restaurant "grills" are actually grill plates, or hot slabs of flat metal that lock fat in instead of cooking it out. Plus, restaurants routinely paint their meats with hot oil and clarified butter, effectively ramping up the fat count to flab-inducing levels....So if you want it cooked right, you have to cook it at home.

Eat light And Grill RightEat light And Grill Right
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By grilling in instead of eating out, you can save from 500 to more than 1,500 calories per meal. With just the four swaps on this page, you can trim nearly 5,000 calories from your diet-enough to blast nearly a pound and a half from your gut. What's the catch? There is none! You'll also save nearly $40 by staying out of the restaurants! So pop open a cold drink, fire up the grill, and call up some friends. It's time to start grilling your way to a lean belly.

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