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EAT: Levain Bakery – World’s Best Cookies in Manhattan, NY

By Jsleigh14 @jsleigh14

Levain Bakery on the Upper West side is said to have some of the world’s best cookies. Unfortunately I was not able to visit this bakery due to being pressed on time, but my friend went on my behalf since she wanted to buy a stack of cookies to bring back home. She said that the bakery was small and a bit inconvenient since they take cash only (rare to see that happen in New York). Nevertheless, the cookies at Levain looked so good that she splurged a whole $60 on them.

EAT: Levain Bakery – World’s Best Cookies in Manhattan, NY

At the airport, my friend gave me the Dark Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. I’m normally not a huge fan of sweets, but seeing as this was a world-class cookie I decided to give it a shot. Turns out, I loved this cookie. It was extremely soft and each bite melted in my mouth immediately. It was baked to the perfect second. Despite how the cookie is chocolate-flavoured, the sweetness was still tolerable for me. For $5.50, this cookie was certainly the most expensive one I’ve ever had. But…if I could have one every morning I think I’d be more than willing to pay that.

EAT: Levain Bakery – World’s Best Cookies in Manhattan, NY

Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie ($5.50)

For those who are looking for the perfect cookie, look no further – it’s here at Levain Bakery. I would say that having this cookie should be an integral part of every New York trip. Better yet, buy a bucket of their cookie dough and bake them at home. The world would thank you if you’re ever able to reveal their most-wanted recipe.

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