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Eat Da Poo Poo!

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

It’s pretty sad when in one day I get two different WTF videos posted on my Facebook wall about eating poop. This first one is disgustingly hilarious.. a 2 Girl 1 Cup wanna-be sicko picks her ass in a public meeting, then eats her dingle-berries! She [mistakenly] makes sure no one is looking, fishes around down under, then pulls out a tasty treat. If picking your nose is called digging for gold – is picking your ass called digging for oil?

My favorite YouTube comment: “awh. C’mon guys, don’t hate. she probably has SMARTIES down her ass.”

Poo Muncher Woman

This next one is less disgusting, still hilarious, but also slightly frustrating. Pastor Martin Ssempa, a chairman of the National Task-force Against Homosexuality in Uganda, gives an in-depth look at what goes on in the bedroom of homosexuals. Apparently, all gays are into fisting, drug use, and eating da poo poo! Greattt.. over-generalized, homophobic “research” that’s being shared with under-educated people in a effort to further criminalize homosexuality in Uganda. What a pathetic use of fear mongering by a hateful bigot.

I wonder where the hell he got those videos from!? I’ve seen a lot of porn.. but nothing like what he’s talking about!

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