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Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

By Weddingblog2011

Looking for a few easy ways to save money on your wedding? What bride-to-be isn’t, right? No matter how large or small your wedding budget is, it can’t hurt to save a few bucks. Try a few of these ideas on for size.

If you’re looking for easy ways to save money on your wedding, there are plenty of simple, quick solutions you can turn to if you want to knock a few dollars off of those wedding bills. Instead of giving up the main components you really want for your big day, you can still have the wedding you dream of by condensing, downsizing, and planning everything in moderation. You might be surprised by how big of a difference you can make in your expenses by trying the following easy ways to save money on your wedding.

Cut the Guest List—This is the most obvious way to save money on your wedding, but really—it’s hands down the best way to cut back on your expenses. As painful as it might be, make the decision to be very particular about whom you invite. Place only your closest family and friends on the list. This will help you save on catering, centerpieces, and more.

Opt for Package Deals with Your Vendors—Do you have a certain photographer in mind but really want to hire a videographer to record your wedding, too? Instead of hiring separate vendors, consider searching for a photographer and a videographer who work as a team, or look for a photographer that has an associate videographer on his staff. The same goes for your caterer. See if they can also take care of the cake, so you are only paying one vendor for everything.

Hold the Ceremony and Reception at the Same Location—This is another easy way to cut on cost. Skip the set-up and facility fees for two separate locations by marrying and celebrating in the same spot. This will also save you on transportation costs, and it is overall a lot more convenient.

Marry During Off-Season—People get married all year long, but there are still off-seasons in the wedding industry, and you’d easily save some money by marrying during these times instead of the peak season. Depending on your location, the off-season may vary, but it is typically January through the end of the March. In many regions, these months are colder and less popular than the spring, summer, and fall seasons. This is one of the many easy ways to save money on your wedding.

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