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Easy Ways To Make Your Parents Feel Happy

By Julia Fernandes @appshub

Negative Evolution Towards Parents

The parents nowadays are quite worried about the behavioral changes in their children due to several socioeconomic reasons. The gap between parents and the younger generations, is increasing day by day due to which the family bonding is getting weaker and weaker. They have forgotten the countless efforts and sacrifices made by their parents throughout their lives.

Twenty Five Reasons I Owe My Mother Easy Ways To Make Your Parents Feel Happy

How Parents Look After You

Starting from our birth they have taken care of our food (22 years * 365 days * 3 times = 24000 times at least!), household maintenance, our education (daily home works, uniform, school/tuition fee), religious moral teaching [Read: How to Discipline a Child and How Punishment Should be Used] every day (THE REAL GREAT JOB), shelter, clothing, outings, vacations, toys, computer and God knows how many other countless efforts they have put in to make us a complete human being to enjoy and survive in this world. Indeed, all those efforts cannot be covered in this article but the overall emphasis is that its our moral and spiritual responsibility to take care of them now.

Love of Family and Home is an Important Factor

Tips to Make Your Parents Happy

Below are some small acts of kindness which would truly show your affection to take good care of them:

1. Give them enough money so that they don't have to ask you.

2. Share funny and entertaining things with them to make them laugh or smile.

3. Don't speak loudly. Speak slowly, nicely and softly.

4. Do not walk in front of them in market or anywhere. They might walk slow being old; stay behind them. Give them respect.

5. Ask for small tasks again and again. For example, "Dad, do you need water? Should I bring tea for you? Are you hungry, Mom" etc

6. Closely monitor their health. visit doctor if required. Have them checked thoroughly time to time.

7. Take care of their medicines. Set reminders on your phone for their medicines and serve them on time.

8. Take them to church/worship place. Walk slowly. Follow their pace.

9. Take them to the park for walk. If not possible daily, then take them on weekend.

10. Call them with respect.

11. Open the door for them with respect.

12. Adapt yourself according to their schedule and do not expect them to follow your.

13. Do shopping for them (buy their clothes, shoes, small items like tooth paste). Buy your mother a nice coffee cup. Take them to market and buy them according to their likings. Buy your parents some nice books; usually people love to read books in old age.

14. When you come back to home, visit them first in their room.

15. Respect their social circle and let them enjoy with their friends.

16. In case a conflict arises try to accommodate them as soon as possible. Note that they have sacrificed their time, money and energies for your brought-up. It is time that you can reciprocate. They had shown lot of patience while you were a child, now you should also be patient in dealing with them.

17. Never send them to old age homes. They need your company and will miss you a lot if you do this act of ignorance.

18. Always serve them food before you start eating.

Let not your parents expect all this from you. It should be done by you automatic. It is recommended that you should make a check list of what all you should do and then paste it in bedroom. Have a glance at the list to remind you about your obligations.

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