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Easy Scrapper Caddy...a Tutorial!

By Midwesterngirl @MidwesternGirl5
The month of September is National Sewing Month at JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores!
And all month long, JoAnn and Pellon (you know Pellon...the leaders in interfacing) are partnering up to bring you the Sew Your Style Contest!
easy scrapper caddy...a tutorial!
I (along with a bunch of amazing blpartyoggers) was asked to participate in this super-fun contest...and, could I say no?
All you have to do is: (from the JoAnn FB page)
"Take a photo of your favorite sewing project made with quilting fabric and enter for a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize, a Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine model #4423, and a Pellon product pack!"
Sometimes I go a long time without using my sewing machine to sew fabric, but every time I do I think that I need to start doing it more often. I really truly love seeing a project come amazes me that you can take a few pieces of rectangular fabric and, with just a few passes through your machine, you can make something incredible.
My friend, Sarah, recently mentioned to me that she would love to have a chair caddy for her scrapping supplies. One that she can use when she is working in her scrap-space OR that she can roll up and take with her to crops. Perfect timing!
So, I scoured the internet to find something she might like and, after getting some more detailed info from her, here's what I came up with...
easy scrapper caddy...a tutorial!
This little caddy is really pretty simple to create...and you can customize the pockets to hold any supplies you'd like.
easy scrapper caddy...a tutorial!
I added some a couple of ties to the back of the caddy so that it can be tied to the chair...
easy scrapper caddy...a tutorial!
And here's a little tutorial so that you can make your very own chair caddy...
*Quilting fabric: 2 panels 47"x15" (I usually buy two yards)
*Extra pieces of quilting fabric for pockets (the scraps that you have left from cutting your panels should be enough to create your pockets)
*4 lengths of quilting fabric (I used mint-colored for my caddy): approximately 1.5"x30" (if you don't have a scrap this long, you can always sew a number of scrap pieces together to create your ties...)
*Pellon Stabilizer, 40 Midweight Crafts & Home Decor Stabilizer: 1 piece 47"x15"
*Sewing Machine
*Rotary Cutter or Scissors
*Supplies you'd like to store in your caddy...for pocket sizing
*****And here we go...
*Take 1 length of the fabric you cut for your ties and lay out on your ironing board. Fold one long edge in about 1/4" and iron flat. Do the same for the other long edge. Now fold the length in half long-ways and iron. Finally, stitch all the way down the length of your tie. Repeat 4 times for each of your 4 ties.
1. Take your cut panels and lay them out as follows...-interfacing-bottom panel...right side UP-top panel...right side DOWN layers together.
2. Stitch your three layers together with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving an opening about 12" long on the chair-back long edge of your panels...this is where you will attach your ties and turn your caddy right-side be sure to leave the opening in the middle of the long edge. 
3. Turn your caddy right-side out...making sure to push out the corners to make them square. Iron well.
4. Lay your caddy out on the chair you will be using it on. Mark on your caddy where you would like your ties.
5. Take 2 of your pre-sewn ties and lay one on top of another. Place them inside your caddy layers at the place you marked in Step 4. Make sure the tie ends are tucked inside the layers about 1" or so. Pin. Repeat for the other side.
6. Iron in the seam allowances in your opening and pin if needed.
7. Stitch closed your opening 1/8" in from the edge. Iron.
1. Place your caddy back onto the chair you will use and mark where the caddy begins to hang off the chair seat. This will give you an idea of where to place your will not want your supplies to sit higher than this mark.
2. Lay your supplies out the way you will want to store them. The sides of your caddy will be tall/long enough to make 2 rows of pockets.
3. Place your pocket fabric over your supplies to get a rough idea of how deep/wide your pockets should be. Mark & cut your fabric...allowing at least 1/4" on the sides and bottom of your pocket and at least 1/2" on the top (to allow for hemming).
4. Take each of your "pockets" and fold over the top edge 1/4"...iron down and fold over 1/4" again. Iron down and stitch to create a hem.
5. Pin your pockets to your caddy and stitch along the sides & bottom. Be sure to stay as close to the edge of your pockets as you can.
Put your caddy back on your your supplies back into their pockets and get to scrappin'!
So, what do you think?
I hope Sarah loves it...
And I hope that you break out your sewing machine, grab some quilting fabric from JoAnn and sew up something gorgeous! And when you do...don't forget to enter the Sew Your Style contest!

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