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Easy Pickin's for Gun Burglars

Posted on the 01 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Houston Chronicle reports
Dozens of firearms have been taken in a series of burglaries this month in the northeastern Liberty County community of Tarkington Prairie, officials said.
Two men are being sought for questioning in the 13 break-ins. No one was home during the burglaries, Liberty County Sheriff's Office Capt. Rex Evans said.
Nearly 100 firearms - from hunting rifles, shotguns, pistols and handguns - have been taken.
Gun-rights supporters want us to simply shrug our shoulders and say, oh well, what can you do?
Here we're not talking about some remote ranch on hundreds of acres where you keep guns in glass racks, Gunsmoke-style. We're talking about the city of Houston. Is it too much to require safe storage of weapons in the home? Is that a terrible infringement on peoples' rights?
Apparently so, in Houston they blame only the thieves and ask the gun owners nicely to be more careful.
Evans urged gun owners to secure their weapons. 
What's your opinion? Why are gun owners so reluctant to be truly responsible with their guns? These genius break-in artists spent an average of ONE MINUTE per home in order to take away six or eight guns from each. How difficult would it be to prevent something like that?
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