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Easy Peasy.

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
easy peasy. My winter template for rushed mornings goes as such: dress + cardigan + scarf + tights + boots. Never fails. Comfy, while still feeling a tad put-together.
Excuse the silence the last week, but I am graduating in exactly three weeks (which is completely insane to me) and thus, life is crazy. Between finishing classes up, applying for jobs/trying to figure out what do to with my "adult" life, fundraising for my upcoming mission trip, volunteer reading for my college's literary magazine,  and the bazillion other things going on, I'm just trying to keep my eye on the ball--the ball, in this case, being a college degree proudly displayed on my wall. Between the chaotic moments, I am adoring small, quiet moments where there is no external input. Like breakfast time.
easy peasy.easy peasy.Because I firmly believe that there's nothing a good omelet can't fix. And coffee, mugs and mugs of it.
Where or when do you find small moments of peace?
dress & belt: Target, cardi & boots: thrifted, scarf: garden and sea

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