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Easy Chinese Language Learning is Through Learning Chinese Songs

By Tlb

Have you recalled in your childhood times where you learned in your kindergarten class the different versions of children’s songs? I remember one time when my teacher taught me how to sing “hello” in four different languages. These are Chinese, Spanish, English, and Filipino. In a way, my subconscious mind made me appreciate the variety of languages just by singing this song and other songs that involve the use of foreign languages.

Language experts see this “appreciation” actually. Today, songs are used as an effective method in learning foreign languages, and Chinese language is not an exemption. People find it easier to learn Chinese language when they try to appreciate it through singing Chinese songs.

Would you like examples of Chinese songs that could help you enhance your Chinese learning? Well, let’s start with the basics then. Take a study of a Chinese version of the famous “Happy Birthday” song. You are familiar with the tune right? You can follow the Chinese lyrics with the known tune.

Zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè,

祝  你 生日  快乐 ,

Zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè,

祝  你 生日  快乐 ,

Zhù nǐ xìng fú  zhù nǐ jiàn kāng

祝  你  幸福   祝  你 健康

Zhù nǐ qián tú guāng míng

祝   你   前途   光明

Nursery songs may not be your preferences since this does not relate to your age now. How about listening to Chinese pop songs famous during these times? It’s an upbeat music that can really recount to this time’s generation. Feel free to listen and read its lyrics at the same time.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a nice song, isn’t it? A song sang like the S.H.E is definitely a song helpful for your Chinese language learning. Here’s another song sang by Xin Wo featuring S.H.E once again. Enjoy listening!

YouTube Preview Image

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