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Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

- Even in a well maintained backyard lawn, an unbroken expanse of green can be a bit boring. Break up the space into rectangular sections to give your backyard some variety. Easy backyard landscaping ideas concrete walkway straight down the middle of the farm or create a trip with a 90-degree turn to cut out a square of your yard, suggesting a grid. Add rectangular or L-shaped patches of bark mulch, gravel, or both. Plant rectangular raised flower or vegetable beds to provide yard a three-dimensional sensation. Outline the yard with a decorative fence, such as a low fence.

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Reduce water consumption and decrease the amount of time you will spend suit your plants with xeriscaping. A xeriscape backyard garden is designed to minimize the amount of irrigation plants need. Choose drought-tolerant plants for the bulk of your yard and group higher water plants together. Add compost, manure or other organic fertilizers for your yard for water binding and cover the soil with mulch to help prevent evaporation. Easy backyard landscaping ideas boulders or other decorative hardscape to add interest to the garden without increasing water consumption. Install a drip irrigation system to automatically water your plants. Not only will drip irrigation save you work, but it will also save water.

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