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Easter in Sunny Spain

By Themowway @themowway
Easter in Spain - TheMowWayThis is where we spent our easter holidays. Up in the mountains about 1.5h drive from Valencia, near mountain Peñagolosa. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayMy mom has a house in the mountains, it's lovely and quiet. No mobile phone signal or internet. Paris loves munching around in her front yard. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayNino Climbed some mountains and we went for long walks. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe ate one of the best paellas in the world! Easter in Spain - TheMowWayAnd we played around the "pool" (aka. dirty pond full of toads). Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe sat down in the sun, someof us stared into the mountains, others read books. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayShared this photo on Instagram (follow here), while we were on the road. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe also stared into the mediterranean sea and watched the coulds go by. Easter in Spain - TheMowWaySome of us even ate chocolate eggs brough by the Easter bunny! Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe also had typical spanish siestas (aka. naps). Easter in Spain - TheMowWayA better view of the green pond. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayWe went for brisk waks at dust while it drizzled. Easter in Spain - TheMowWayAnd we took photos of AMAZING clouds like this one!! (swear there is no photoshop here!) Easter in Spain - TheMowWayAnd this is what we did.What were you upto during Easter? Let us know all about it!!!
Ps. All photos taken with my Iphone! Love my baby! :)
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