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Easter Eggs Dyed with Nail Polish

By Nancymccarroll
Scouting around on Pinterest, I found an easy way to color hard boiled eggs for Easter decorations.
Steps for a DIY project that literally takes only a minute!
  • hard boil some eggs
  • add water to within an inch from the brim in a throw away cup
  • add glops of old nail polish in all the colors you have accumulated (yes, go ahead and splurge and use your new colors, too)
  • the colors do not mix, kinda like oil and water won't mix, don't worry
  • put an egg in the water, roll it around and voila! the shells take on the nail polish
  • use a plastic spoon to remove your egg from the water
  • put your colored eggs on a paper towel to dry
  • discard your throw away cup

Easter Eggs Dyed with Nail Polish
Easter Eggs Dyed with Nail PolishA fun and easy project!!
Easter Eggs Dyed with Nail Polish

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