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Easter Craft #1 - Angel and Her Angel Eggs

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
I love Easter. For secular reasons since I'm a free thinker.
Firstly, it's a public holiday here on Easter Friday and Monday so we get a long weekend break. Secondly, the month before Easter arrives, all the toy shops and craft stores are filled with Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and an endless array of Easter DIY projects to choose from.
So, when I saw this at the store, there was no escape. I just HAD to buy it.
Angel eggs for my Angel. How more apt can it get?
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
It is a DIY craft set for juniors, stated suitable for kids aged 5+ but once again, with the right adult supervision and guidance, it turned out to be a perfect craft session for us.
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
1) Cotton pulp eggs
2) Feather wings
3) Crowns
4) Plastic moving eyes
5) Wooden ovals
6) Acrylic paint in 6 colours
7) Brush
8) Glue
9) Toothpicks
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
My little girl was more than eager to start on her project so she kept her eye on the eggs even when posing for the camera.
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
It was hubby's first time joining us for a craft session and I was glad he did! Yes, even though you gave up halfway and went to bed, dear. 
We started off by painting the eggs with the paint. The interesting thing was that I painted my eggs with one color each (as per the instructions and the samples in the store) whereas Angel decided to make them multi-coloured. Right, that means she mixed up all the colours and layered them onto the egg.
I was about to stop her from jumbling up the colours when jw commented "Isn't Easter supposed to be colourful?", then I realised I should not stop Angel from conjuring her creativity since that was the whole point behind any craft session.
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
Next. let the eggs dry for a little while. I inserted toothpicks into the eggs so that it would be easier to hold them and not smudge the paint. Since acrylic paint is amazingly fast-drying, we merely had to wait a couple of minutes!
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
Paint a pair of wooden ovals to be used as feet for each of the eggs.
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
Stick the moving eggs onto the eggs. Despite that they were really small, Angel was able to hold the eyes with her fingers and together, we put a drop of glue onto each of them. She was so proud to see that she "made" the eyes for the eggs and let them come alive!
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
Once the feet are dry, stick them on to the eggs in a desired position and stick on a crown for each of them. I was surprised by how effectively the white glue works on the cotton pulp and there was no worry that these would come off.
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggsLastly, glue on a pair of wings for each of the eggs and we are done! These are now your handmade Angel eggs! I thought they would make a perfect Easter gift too and you could personalise them for example by writing names onto their feet etc.
Easter craft #1 - Angel and her Angel eggs
So, this was a really fun and simple Easter craft. Angel adores these eggs and they are now proudly displayed in our living room. Every morning she will run up to them and guess what, she even remembers which one was made by her.
Yes, the colourful one which turned out to be the prettiest Angel of them all.

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