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East Asian Foreign Language Courses Using Facebook Ads

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The process of learning foreign languages courses can be overwhelming, but somehow the result secure good benefits in your being. There maybe some techniques to follow in order to make your learning much easier, yet, assure it to also efficient or you’re definitely sorry.


Learn languages using facebook ads

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According to the latest language news that the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations has been offering many and various foreign languages courses in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese with 3 more undergraduate courses.


In order to attract students, they utilize online for advertising their courses particularly using the Facebook ads, and interestingly, this department has supplementary semester for perking up student’s interest to study one of the East Asian languages by distributing encouraging syllabi or attaching posters on this specific social media site.


Though the department paid for Facebook Ads, the desire of many young and adult learners to pursue studying a language from East Asian countries, their investment has been doing well and effective.


Just recently, one of the students in Harvard clicked the said ads appear on the news feed in Facebook and instantly directed him to the introductory class of the department for Vietnamese language.


Brief overview about this course

A native Vietnamese teacher is the one teaching the course for 5 days per week at 9 a.m. The online classroom offered innovative exercising of technology and new social media outreach inevitable to the linkage of students and faculty.

So, hopeful learners who wish to learn language have the opportunity to pursue the course they prefer with online learning, while staying up on their favorite social media sites.


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