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Earth Riparian System Deterioration: A California Example

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Earth Riparian System Deterioration:  A California ExampleKevin Franck:  “Bear ecology in riparian habitats, rebuilding riparian ecosystems, Using biomimetics or biomimicry to replicate nature. Lessons from San Jacinto River Valley, Juan Bautista de Anza discovery of San Jacinto Rive Valley, Beavers in the San Jacinto Mountains, man made versus natural systems, Army Corps of Engineers blunders, Beaver engineering and benefits, importance of Bears in nature, The Grizzly Maze, Mazestone in Hemet California, Pedro Font writings, Father Francisco Garcès mentions Bears in San Jacinto River bottom, Chaparral Biologist Richard Halsey, Bear tunnels in chaparral, Bear labyrinth tunnels in riparian food foraging areas,

So much has been lost in the human assault on nature that recovery seems unlikely until after we are gone.  But read Kevin Franck’s post and stay tuned for his promised conclusion for ideas on what we can do.

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