Earn Free Paypal Money & Cash Legally In 2020 (10 Ways)

Posted on the 14 August 2020 by Bhangad12

How To Earn Free Paypal Cash – PayPal has become a household name in recent years. PayPal’s use has grown tremendously in a few years. These days most of us use PayPal for initiating online transfers. There are several platforms to transfer money internationally but none of those have the reliability, features, and security of PayPal. It does not matter where you reside because PayPal is available in most of the countries including India. If your business focuses on international clients then PayPal is the best platform to send and receive payments.

If you still do not use PayPal then it is high time that you start using it because there are several benefits of using PayPal. One of the most important benefits of using PayPal is that you will get free PayPal money. You can get that PayPal money in your bank account simply by linking your bank account with your PayPal wallet. You might not believe me when I say free PayPal money but it is possible to get free money on PayPal. Get all the information about ‘how to get free PayPal money’ with the help of this article.

There are hundreds of apps and websites that give free PayPal money for completing easy tasks. Tasks and free PayPal cash amount can vary from platform to platform. The best thing about these apps and websites is that you get paid for sure, sometimes by PayPal cash and sometimes by PayPal gift card. These PayPal gift cards are very expensive if we buy these from the stores but with these apps and websites, we get PayPal gift card free.

10 Best Ways To Earn Free PayPal Money

Google play store has a large database of apps that can be used by PayPal users to earn free PayPal cash. These apps are very easy to use and a person who does not has much knowledge about the apps can also use them. These apps come with all the basic instructions that will help you to get free money on PayPal. All of these apps offer free PayPal gift cards proper step-by-step information on how to redeem paypal money online.

1. Make Money – Free Cash App

make money - free cash app

Make Money is among the best apps that people can use for earning free PayPal cash and gift cards. The app does not take much space in your mobile because this app comes in a size of around 6MB. This app has a positive rating of around 4.6 out of 5 on the play store. Make Money also boasts of 5 million downloads on play store again. These numbers clearly prove that Make Money is a reliable app.

With Make Money, you can earn PayPal cash from any place. You just need an active internet connection to earn free PayPal money from Make Money app. You are being paid in PayPal cash for watching videos, completing surveys and, trying apps on Make Money app. All the payments that are done in the Make Money app are by PayPal cash. You will not need to go through the complicated process of redeeming gift cards.

Download Make Money – Free Cash App

2. Big Time Cash – Make Money Free

Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is our second app in the list of best apps to earn free PayPal money. It is a very popular app with more than five million downloads on play store. Apart from installs, Big Time Cash also has an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5. These numbers are enough to prove the authenticity of the Big Time Cash app. The only drawback of Big Time Cash app is its size. Big Time Cash app comes in the size of 70MB and it might not work smoothly on low-end phones.

Big Time Cash app claims to provide PayPal cash for playing games. BTC app has already given thousands of dollars in rewards to its users. At Big Time Cash app, you need to participate in the game and the winner receives some amount in return. Big Time Cash app pays its users from the earnings they do from the advertisements. Basically, Big Time Cash app shares a part of its revenue with the winners and it is the most important reason to trust the app. If you do not believe in earning free PayPal cash then you need to try Big Time Cash app for once.

Download Big Time Cash

3. Money App – Cash For Free Apps

Cash for Free Apps

Money App is 8 MB sized android app that has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. The app has more than a million downloads on play store. Money App has a beautiful interface that looks very unique. Money App also has a beautiful design that you will definitely love to use. You won’t have to complete any complicated tasks or missions on Money App to earn free PayPal cash.

Money App pays you for watching videos, playing games, completing surveys and, giving opinions. New tasks are regularly added on the Money App to earn free PayPal cash. Money App helps you in earning free PayPal cash from anywhere in the world. The tasks are very easy to do at Money App and you won’t need to invest too much time in completing these tasks. You earn credits for completing tasks at Money App. These credits at Money app can be converted into PayPal cash. You are being paid within 2-3  working days at Money App.

Download Money App

4. Coin Pop


Coin Pop is another beautiful app to earn free money on PayPal. This app has an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the play store. This app has received more than five million downloads on play store. Coin Pop’s size is 40MB and in this size coin pop has some awesome features for its users. You earn money for every second that you spend on Coin Pop game. It is a completely free app and you won’t be charged anything to download this app.

At Coin Pop, you play your favorite game and in return, you are being paid by PayPal cash. You earn coins for playing games at Coin Pop. You can convert these points into PayPal gift card free. These Coins at Coin Pop can be exchanged for PayPal money also. Earning is made very easy by Coin Pop app. You just need to install Coin Pop and then download the listed games from the app and start playing. The more you play Coin Pop games, the more points you earn. All games that you will see or play in Coin Pop app are completely free to play and download.

Download Coin Pop

5. CashApp – Cash Rewards App

cash app

CashApp is the fifth app in the list of most popular android apps for earning free PayPal cash. At CashApp, you earn free cash for trying new apps. Isn’t it awesome to earn money just by trying new apps for free? You are basically not doing anything except using your data. CashApp’s payments are pretty fast when we compare it with other apps of the list.

Download Cash App

6. Gift Wallet – Free Reward Card

gift wallet

Gift Wallet is our sixth app that is developed by WellGain tech. This app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 with five million installs on play store. You need to complete some very easy tasks to earn free PayPal cash at Gift Wallet. The tasks are very easy to do and Gift Wallet will need only a few taps of your hand to earn points. These points can be exchanged with PayPal cash or you can also get PayPal gift cards with these points.

Download Gift Wallet

7. CashPirate

cash pirate

CashPirate is a comparatively new app in this list of apps that help you in earning free PayPal cash. At CashPirate, you earn real cash for watching videos, trying new apps. If you refer friends to use CashPirate then you can get 10% of their earnings as commission. You are also being paid for product trials at CashPirate. You just need to complete 2,500 coins and you can request for the payment at CashPirate.

Download Cash Pirate

8. CashKarma

cashkarma - rewards & gift cards

CashKarma is developed by AppKarma and it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. By using this app you can earn PayPal gift card free by watching videos and completing surveys. You can also earn karma points for shopping on websites. You can turn these karma points into PayPal cash and gift cards.

Download CashKarma

9. AppNana


AppNana is one of the finest apps that will help you in earning some extra bucks for free. This app has around ten million installs 4.5 ratings out of 10. You need to install the mentioned apps from the AppNana list to earn points. AppNana processes the payment within 48 hours of requesting payment.

Download Appnana

10. AppBounty


AppBounty has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 with ten million downloads in okay store. You earn points for trying new apps at AppBounty. AppBounty offers rewards in the form of PayPal cash and PayPal Gift cards. This app has been designed to give you the best experience while using it. AppBounty has a beautiful and easy to use surface that you will definitely love.

Download Appbounty

Final Words

The apps that we have mentioned will help you in earning free PayPal cash. If you use these apps correctly then you will get free PayPal money. Free money on PayPal was never that easy but with these apps, you will easily earn some extra bucks without putting too much effort. I will suggest you use these apps at your own risk and remember these apps can help you in earning a few bucks but you can’t make a living out of these apps.

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