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Early to Rise Challenge

By Mochocki @mochocki
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I’m upset. Why? Because I’m being challenged. Challenged to make my life better. Let me explain…

My friend, Andy, is coming out with a new e-book, Early to Rise, in January. Essentially, through his book, he’s asking me to do the thing I hate most – getting out of bed…early. Ugh.

I’m not being dramatic. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 am or noon; if I got 4 hours of sleep or 10. I love being in bed. I guess that makes me a big lethargic, but oh well. I love being cuddled in my favorite quilt, which is really more like an adult blanky that I made with my now-deceased Grandmother when I was 12. Yep, I just made you feel guilty for judging me for having an adult blanky. Shame on you.


I told Andy I hated mornings.

His response: “I HATE getting up Miranda. Hate it.  But I love BEING up. Big difference!” Wow – alright already, I can do this!

Early to Rise Cover (current version)

Early to Rise Cover
(current version)

The Challenge

After the short introduction, the book is to be read over 30 days – about a page and a half of reading for each day, which takes me about 5-10 minutes depending on my morning alertness.

Here we are on day one. So, I didn’t get up early. I didn’t sleep well, so I decided I needed to rest a bit more (I think that’s what you call an excuse). But I did spend some quiet time reading “Day 1″ before I started my day. I was determined to start this when I said I would.

Like at the beginning of a new journey, there’s the heightened excitement that comes from the unknown and from starting something new. Like that super cheesy workout video I did for about 2 weeks that now collects dust on my video shelf.

However, the introduction to Early to Rise is quite inspiring. There are two entire pages dedicated to “motivation – why do you want to change your life?” It might be a good idea to read this section every morning before getting to my daily reading – you know, to help my brain and body remember why I am no longer cuddled in bed with my husband.

The Plan

Get up a bit earlier each day to accomplish tasks, like the writing I’ve been neglecting, the crafts I miss doing, or even the cleaning that I enjoy (yes, I’m that lame). Then, I’ll report back to you and share my challenges. It might not be daily, but it will be frequent.

Oh, and how perfect is this timing? Great new year’s resolution – right?!

You can request the pre-release and in-progress version here or wait until it comes out in January and buy it (or both!). By purchasing the book, you’ll help Andy feed his family. I’ve seen his family and his kids are cute – so please don’t let them starve!

To find out more information about Andy and his book, check out the links below:

Andy Traub on Twitter

Early to Rise on Twitter

Early to Rise Website

Are you interested in joining me? Let me know by leaving a comment below and we’ll hate mornings together. See you in the morning!

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