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Early History of Digital Creativity (James Ryan)

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
I am currently excavating the forgotten early history of computer story generation. More info here: — James Ryan (@xfoml) June 7, 2017

And so he's been digging up all sorts of interesting things, not just computer storytelling. Here's some recent stuff he's dug up.
the invention of the camera raised copyright issues that seem weird today—it was not clear whether the camera or the photographer was author — James Ryan (@xfoml) July 17, 2017

in 1971, 1000 feet of computer-generated poetry was dropped from a helicopter onto an experimental arts center in Burbank, California — James Ryan (@xfoml) July 14, 2017

a 1962 issue of the Librascope company newsletter featured an "interview" with AUTO-BEATNIK, the computer poet developed by employees there — James Ryan (@xfoml) July 14, 2017

even earlier, in 1929, the Hofgaard Calculating Machine was marketed as a "business brain" — James Ryan (@xfoml) July 14, 2017

"sermons preached by machinery" (1901) — James Ryan (@xfoml) July 14, 2017

but this metaphor had already been applied to earlier machines—in 1934, RCA marketed one of its radio models as a MAGIC BRAIN that "thinks" — James Ryan (@xfoml) July 14, 2017

And so it goes. Check out his Twitter Feed.

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