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#E3 Predictions for @Microsoft

Posted on the 05 June 2011 by Acdarkknight @thedpadgames
#E3 Predictions for @Microsoft
If Microsoft does at least one thing right every year, it is their E3 press Conference. Each year they have a great show even when the content may be lacking like during last years event they always have something up their sleeve. Lets examine the possible show that will be in front of us in a few weeks.
1) Microsoft will tout being the top selling console during 2011 as well as the success of Kinect for 30 minutes.
-This will be a well deserved bragging session. With the redesign and price drop along with the implementation of the innovative Kinect camera and senor, Microsoft has really killed it this year.
2) A Bevy of Kinect enabled games will be show this year with a "hard core" appeal. Rumored releases include a Gears of War title, Forza 4 (which has been confirmed), Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon Future War fighter, a new Halo title (Most likely Halo: Combat Evolved HD), a new Fable which Molenuex will most likely over promise on, and a new Kinect Sports game.
3) New features will be brought to the Xbox 360, including the partnership with AT&T;'s Uverse where the Xbox 360 can act as a set top box for the service and become a source of television.
4) More avatar focused titles will be shown, including the new RPG developed by RARE.
5) 343 Studios takes the stage to show Halo: Combat Evolved which was co developed with Saber Studios.
6) 343 Studios will stay on stage as they then announce Halo 4, or the equivalent of. There have been no real murmurs of this but this a prediction article take it at face value!
7) Harmonix will have Slash or some other old famous musician come onto the stage to show off the new Rock Band, with actual instruments as the controllers.
8) Activision and Infinity Ward take the stage to show off Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and announce full on exclusive content for the Xbox 360 version.
9) The new Alan Wake is debuted and will be an Xbox Live series of smaller episodes.
10) The price of the Kinect will drop $50 to $100 and the Xbox 360 will also see an additional price drop of $50, bringing the base model to $150 and the 250GB to $250.
These predictions could very will mean further green (aka money) for the big green machine. Microsoft is on a tear and there is no reason why they should stop anytime soon. Is there anything that you want or think they will show that I haven't mentioned? Leave it in the comments and we will see how close we come on Monday!
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