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E3 2014 Trailer Roundup: Day Three

Posted on the 12 June 2014 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

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By Hedge

This is it folks, the final day of E3 shenanigans for 2014. It’s been great, so much coolness coming out this and next year. For this post I’ve collected up the stragglers, the leftovers, the things I missed and a few of my personal highlights from the show.

The Leftovers and the Stragglers



I missed this during the Nintendo event. Boy does this look fun. While Ubisoft are complaining that making a female character is too hard, Nintendo come out with Squidgirls and paintguns in a multiplayer shooter extravaganza of bright colours and did I mention the Squidgirls?

Available on: WiiU Exclusive


Disney Infinity 2.0

Some newly announced figures this week and the announcement that Hulk will be Playstation exclusive.

Available on: Everything from the PS3 through Xbox One and probably your microwave.


Deep Down

New trailer for capcom’s free-to-play RPG.

Available on: PS4 Exclusive


Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros

Now we can truly see who will win the console war of 1997 as Pac Man, Mario, Sonic and Mega-man battle it out.

Available on: WiiU and 3DS


The Witcher 3

Another Witcher game. Apparently these are great but I’ve never played one. Gameplay’s really nice.

Available on: Xbox One


Phantom Dust

I have no idea what this game is, but here’s a cinematic trailer. Shades of JRPG anyone?

Available on: Unclear.


Fable Legends

Four player Fable bashemup? Fifth player as the villain? Nice.

Available on: Xbox One Exclusive



I have no idea what this will be. Looks pretty though. Has a very Journey vibe.

Available on: Xbox One Exclusive


Never Alone

An adorable tale from a Native American, or perhaps Inuit?, perspective; Never Alone looks like a fun, yet possibly quite sorrowful game.

Available on:


White Night

An indie title, one I’d never heard of and which looks unique if nothing else. Love the art style.

Available on: Xbox One (Exclusive?)


My Personal Highlights

As a gamer, so much from this years E3 was like sweet, sweet candy. I’m excited for a ton of new PS4 and WiiU releases and am now committed to buying an Xbox One as well, something I never thought I would do. My top highlights this year?

No Man’s Sky


This procedurally generated galaxy exploration game has all the hallmarks of great science fiction. Exploration, discovery, vastness, true open-world gameplay, hints at a wider conflict and a malevolent force to be reckoned with, seamless Journey-style multiplayer. To top it off, the game is fucking gorgeous. I couldn’t be more excited.

Sunset Overdrive


This one came right out of left field, smacked me in the face and then leaped away screaming and laughing maniacally. Insomniac are a powerhouse of game development and I’ve enjoyed their offerings in the past. This though looks unreal. Fun, different, bright, comical.

The Division


A grim trailer and some great, if brief, gameplay and I was more sold on this than ever. The level of detail that Snowdrop allows in the environments is stunning, as is the destruction permitted.


This dystopian side scroller has gorgeous visuals and an oppressive atmosphere. It’s by the creators of the stellar Limbo, and I have great hopes for this Xbox One exclusive title.


Bungie’s upcoming, open-world shooter is in Alpha right now and I’m jealous that no-code has appeared in my inbox yet. Still, I’m registered for the open Beta and you can be damn sure I’ll be playing it then. The more I hear about Destiny, the more I’m excited for it.

The Legend of Zelda

So much chatter about this game in the last 24 hours. Is it Link? Is Link a girl now? Is it Zelda? With hints about a possible female protagonist going months back, and so much internet analysis my head is spinning, it’s certain that Zelda fans are excited about this one, me amongst them. Now if only Nintendo can make an open world Pokémon game using this engine, I can die a happy man.

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Possibly the cutest game in existence. The WiiU is doing a sterling job here of the fine woolen textures and multiple object styles. Not only that but the little sounds Yoshis make always makes me grin. This one will be a challenge though folks, I anticipate some tricky puzzles behind that adorable veneer.


News that this was an Xbox One exclusive hit me like a plank yesterday, but with all the other exclusives I’m into it was inevitable that I’d get a console eventually I guess. Evolve, now revealed to have at least two monster types – Goliath and The Kraken – for players to take on or take control of, is looking crisp and fun in the fashion of spiritual predecessor Left 4 Dead.


That’s it from me this year. What about you? Leave your highlights in the comments. I’d love to hear what made your mouth water.


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