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E-commerce and SEO

Posted on the 31 March 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd
If the e-commerce site (for example, electronics store) is optimized for search engines, it can get a lot of the traffic without paying a penny. That's why SEO e-commerce is becoming extremely important. Therefore, here are some of the most important issues related to e-commerce SEO.
E-commerce and SEO
First Internal (On-page) SEO
But what can be done in your particular web site or online store page created in order to improve its search engine ranking, called on-page (internal) SEO. The most important on-page SEO is an effective factor in the website text content. A sufficient amount of original content website can increase search engine ranking high probability.
Second External (Off-Page) Seo
Optimizing search engine ranking without any website (or online store) were called off-page SEO. The most important factor in off-page SEO is effective links into your web site (or online store) on other websites. However, not all links to your site (online store) have the same value. Search engines such as Google, usually affects such as those based on:
Quantity, i.e., links leading to your site the number.
Quality, i.e., sites that have links to your site quality.
Subject i.e. page and sites that have links to your site topic.
3rd SEO Copywriting
A well-written directly related to the content, which contains words and expressions related (kin) with the search terms (keywords) that you want to rank, should help to get a higher ranking in search engines.
4th Global SEO
One thing to keep a high search engine ranking in the country. But quite another - to have a high ranking on a global scale. It's true, if you have e-commerce not only in their own country.
5th Link Networking (Link Building)
Today, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing is more intelligent and can distinguish links placed permanently "šiukšlinančių 'profiles. Therefore, you should "do not litter" links to your site "where randomly. When setting up your e-store network links should focus on the important and interesting proposals, which link would be happy to share other people.
6th Internal search
Ajeet Khurana the internal search svetanėje as an important e-commerce SEO component. Since most electronic stores have a large range of products, it is important to give visitors the ability to easily refine your search using the internal search.
7th SEO keywords
Like it or not, but people are searching with keywords. Search engine optimization is based on keywords (keywords - Eng. Keywords). They each created an electronic store page carefully and intelligently optimize the keywords you choose, make good SEO starts. However, make sure that you are not using outdated SEO methods related to keyword density.
8th Seo services company
Nowadays, there are many SEO service companies. However, not all of them are professionals in this field. Therefore, before choosing a company that will provide you SEO services, to find out what methods they use. It is recommended to talk with several of the company's long-term clients, make sure that the services provided good results.
9th Guaranteed SEO Services
One of the ways to distinguish the SEO services company is a pretender, making just giving away your money, is their guarantee that search engines will find yourself in the defined location (position).
10th Shopping Cart and SEO
Electronic stores developers often forget to use SEO friendly shopping carts. Therefore, to optimize the binding list of objects be sure to include items (shopping) basket.
11th  URL
To increase access to the site, designers often puts the same web page with different URLs. While doing this may be an important reason, however, the search engines consider it as identical (duplicate) content. Fortunately, you can post a home page or a canonical URL to prevent any penalty on duplicate content.

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