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Dyslexia in Learning English Language

By Tlb
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In making communication successful, one must use a medium, and this is where English take its place. As people use and learn English language to communicate, one is expected to speak out and receive the message successfully, encoding the content of the message in a person’s brain and comprehend what it was intended to be understand.

As a result, the person who receives the message sends another message again relative to what was spoken to him and express it through, again, the use of English as a medium for communication. The give and take of messages where the people communicates actually makes communication successful, and thus avoids the tendencies of verbal conflicts.

But there are certain factors that greatly hinder the success of communication. One of these is dyslexia.

Dyslexia, scientifically known as developmental reading disorder is a reading disability resulting from the failure to process graphic symbols. It is caused with the predicament on a person’s intellectual concerns in recognizing and processing symbols. According to the New York Times, Children with DRD may have trouble rhyming and separating the sounds in spoken words. These abilities appear to be critical in the process of learning to read.

Now, with concern to learn languages particularly to children, they will really have a hard time learning English if they have language barriers concerning their mental capacity. Everybody, especially the kids should be given the privilege to master the four basic skills of English, especially the reading dexterity. If you know someone who is currently besieged with such dilemma, be reminded that dyslexia will be brazen out with some safeguards provided.

Dr. Shaywitz, director of the Center for Dyslexia and Creativity at Yale University, conducted a study as to how the children should be taught. Giving an example, she encourages the teachers to ask children with DRD in this manner: “Is the capital Houston or Albany?” rather than asking them “What is the capital of New York State?” They will not be stuttering with it but instead provide the correct answer.

Besides, when families pay attention to their siblings who has such mental condition, it will be a lot easier to alleviate dyslexia. It may not necessarily have cure, but with great support and therapeutic assistance, learning will not be as difficult for them.

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