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Dying Whistle Blower Says, "UFOs Exist," Should We Believe Him?

Posted on the 07 May 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

this is how the Roswell aliens look,
it's not a mind game, right?

Allegedly 'anonymous' (I'm sure his family/friends/colleagues know him) whistle blower claims Dwight D. Eisenhower was going to INVADE Area 51 with the First Army (out of Colorado, at the time).
This whistle blower's dying, so should we believe him where other whistle blowers like Bob Lazar are pilloried in the mainstream/alternative press?

He could have seen 'the Roswell UFO' or he could have just witnessed whatever the Americans 'borrowed' from the Nazi space race.
Sure, ALL THIS COULD HAVE BEEN HOAXED for the Conscriptees, the workers at S4, but what would be the reason for that if FAKE ALIEN INVASION wasn't the agenda?
This story is kinda MORE INTERESTING if there no alien-crash programme or anything like it anywhere in the USA on/or planet. It's kinda like, "There's a BIG STORY out there, but here have this massive load of off-world bull crap as recompense."
Religion, money, slavery: God only knows where the story-tellers will take us all next.

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