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Dutty Wine: Booty Freak Dancer Dives Head First

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Dutty Wine: Booty Freak Dancer Dives Head FirstThe “Dutty Wine” is a dance move in which you throw yourself into a headstand while gyrating your assets. It’s pretty much an inverted and perverted form of Zumba. I think this B##&! was trying to throw some spice into her half-ass performance. This is the Dutty Wine gone seriously wrong!

[ The best ] Viewer Responses

“I’m more concerned about what the F*** she’s doing BEFORE she fell what the f*** IS that” -wesleyis16

“I saw a columbian white dude shake it better”   -SwedishBlacks

“Lucky her hair ddnt fell off….”   -sabziza

“i like how the dj rolls it back the second she falls. how did she not crush her dick when she did the splits though?” -gleader

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