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DutchSinse - HAARP rings/Scalar Squares, Volcanic Plumes, Man Made Earthquakes - Allegedly Vindicated

Posted on the 25 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
DutchSinse, if you haven't heard about him, has been hammering away at his HAARP rings/Scalar Squares, Volcanic Plumes, Man made earthquakes youtube vids for years, mostly in (dogged) isolation, often having his youtube account DELETED with no notice. He appears to have happened across major vindication of his concern in the form of a published paper from Stanford University that deals with 'just this subject'.
Here's a link to the PDF version of the Stanford paper, from 2008.
Page 2, section 2, subsection 11 clearly states the types of geometric patterns that are projected into the sky from the ground based HF (high frequency) station heater.... used to HEAT the lower ionosphere .. producing the typical patterns we have been seeing on RADAR which induce severe weather ... (his) Scalar Squares = (their) Square Wave, stairstep pattern = sawtooth pattern , and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep.
CONTAINS MAJOR REVELATIONS: about the March 20th 7.9 mag Mexico earthquake, aka pre-advertised DRILL.
Additional material:
here's his UBER FAMOUS haarp-redirected storm video from August 2011.

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