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Dutch Collage Artist PERISHABLE RUSH at BSMT

By Invisiblemadevisible @imv_streetart
Dutch collage artist PERISHABLE RUSH at BSMT
London gallery BSMT in collaboration with OLLY STUDIO are bringing the delicate, layered style of Dutch collage Street Artist Perishable Rush to BSMT for an introductory show. 
Originally scheduled to open at the start of November, the gallery have revised their program in line with current UK government guidance and will be holding the exhibition on the first weekend of December. So you'll still have the opportunity to see the delicate nature of these works in the flesh.
  Dutch collage artist PERISHABLE RUSH at BSMT
Perishable Rush's pieces are put together using wrappers, old posters and paper debris from the streets of the countries he visits, each work carefully built to reveal a mask which at once is unbelievably intricate but speaks of a deeper truth. 
MASKED will now be running from Dec 5th to Dec 6th, with a limited collection of full size paper masks, postcard pieces and a print release on display. 
Tickets for the exhibition can be booked online in advance here. You can also request a preview of the show catalog using the following email address - [email protected]
Gallery Address - BSMT SPACE, 529 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, London E84AR

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