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Dumbbell Workout Program

By Mia_patterson

Dumbbell Workout Program - The Fast Way To Transform Your Body

Dumbbell Workout Program
My answer to the burning question on many men's and women's minds is... a dumbbell workout program!
So, what's the question? "What do I do when I want to transform my body fast?"
It's no secret, men and women all over the world exercise because they want to CHANGE the way they look. One day, they take a good, hard look at themselves in the mirror, and don't like the person staring back at them. And, not only do they want to change their appearance, but they want to change it fast!
That's when they ask, "What do I do when I want to transform my body fast?" And that's when I answer, "A dumbbell workout program. "Then they look at me funny! I'm about to explain why I believe a dumbbell workout program is best for body transformation. And by the time you finish reading this, I think you'll agree.
But, before I tell you why I believe a proper dumbbell workout program is the best workout program to change the way your body looks, I want to clarify something.
"Fast" is a relative term.
You see, you've spent months (if not years) getting your body to look the way it does. That lack of muscle tone and flab hanging around your middle didn't appear overnight. Making a drastic change in the way you look does take time. There is no miracle workout (or diet) that changes you overnight. But, there are some methods faster than others.
Here are the top 3 reasons a dumbbell workout program is excellent for fast body transformation.

-A Dumbbell Workout Program Is Accessible

Dumbbells are a popular piece of exercise equipment. Most gyms have a wide selection of dumbbells in weights ranging from extremely light to super heavy. Plus, most people have a set of dumbbell they can use in their house, or can easily and cheaply get a pair. There are very few legitimate excuses for not being able to find a pair of dumbbells for your workout. As we all know, a workout you actually DO is more effective than one you don't!

- A Dumbbell Workout Program BUILDS A Muscular Body

When people want to change the way they look, most immediately think "cardio". Their first mistake is thinking they'll look great by ONLY losing weight (becoming smaller). Their second mistake is thinking cardio is the best way to transform their body. The fact is, most people need to simultaneously BUILD a muscular body and lose fat. Doing both is the fastest way to total body transformation, and a proper dumbbell workout program builds muscles in all the right places.

-A Dumbbell Workout Program Burns Fat

Stripping of the fat covering your best, muscular body is essential for a noticeable change in your body. Rhythmic dumbbell exercise like swings and snatches simultaneously build muscle, improve heart and lung power and burn off fat. Plus, they create so much metabolic disturbance your body keeps burning fat long after the workout is over. And longer fat burning means more fat GONE!
But performing a workout program on a consistent basis, building muscle and burning fat are not the most important reasons a dumbbell workout program is superior for total body transformation. After all, you could say that about any type of resistance and cardio training program.
Here are the top 5 reasons a dumbbell workout program is superior for total body transformation...
- Dumbbell training takes advantage of the "bilateral deficit" where you can lift more weight with one limb because your body recruits more muscles. And more weight lifted and more muscles used means bigger, stronger muscles.
- Unilateral training, where you first do the repetitions with one limb and then the other, doubles the length of each set. This means you expend more energy and burn more fat.
- Every dumbbell exercise recruits the core muscles to stabilize the body and allow the limbs to exert force. This means EVERY exercise in the dumbbell workout program is a six-pack abdominal exercise.
- A properly structured dumbbell workout program is a simultaneous muscle building and cardiorespiratory endurance workout. You can get a great full body workout in less time.
- A dumbbell workout program not only helps you achieve your appearance goals as fast as possible, but improves performance as well. So, you'll not only look great, but you'll develop the physical abilities necessary to meet the challenges of work, sport and life with excellence.
So, you want to change the way your body looks as fast as possible? Do a dumbbell workout program!
But don't get mislead into performing a bodybuilding type dumbbell workout program where you use light dumbbells to target small muscle groups. Do a full body dumbbell workout program that SIMULTANEOUSLY builds more, stronger muscle, burns more fat, strengthens your abdominal muscles, builds your heart and lung power and prepares you for life's challenges. You'll start seeing and feeling positive changes in your body you can use before you know it!

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