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Dum Arbi Recipe, How To Make Dhaba Style Dum Arbi

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Dum Arbi- Stir fried Colocasia cooked in a tangy tomato and yogurt curry

Dum Arbi is a delicious rich curry made with colocasia/ taro roots. Arbi is a summer special vegetable and is available very easily and very reasonably priced during season.

Arbi is very good in fiber so excellent for the digestive system, very high in vitamin C and E ,both of which are anti-oxidants. Taro roots is gluten free and have zero cholesterol so a good vegetable for every one.

Taro root/Arbi is a tuber which is slightly slimy when boiled or steamed, so many avoid eating it because of this reason but it taste awesome if cooked perfectly. It is widely used in Northern and Southern part of India. The root and the leaves of arbi both are edible. An awesome snack is made with arbi leaves- Patra/alu vadi/pathrode which is first steamed and then stir fried, taste sweet and tangy.

I love making arbi ki sabzi and posted few more arbi recipes in my blog - some are dry and some are with gravy. This Dum arbi is very delicious and different then the regular arbi ki sabzi. Making dum arbi sabzi do need some time to make but you will love it surely.

How To Make Dhaba Style Dum Arbi-

For making dum arbi ,first arbi should be boiled or steam cooked till it is 80% cooked , don't over cook else it will break while deep frying. After boiling , peel it and keep aside. Now using a fork prick it slightly or make few slits with a knife.

Now heat Mustard oil in a deep wide pan and deep fry or shallow fry the boiled peeled arbi on medium heat till golden in color.

Make gravy- heat oil in a pan and add cumin and whole garam masala and then add the tomato ,ginger, chili paste and the powder masala's and saute till oil separates . Now add yogurt and cook again till oil start releasing from the masala . Add some water and when it start boiling add the fried arbi pieces and cover and cook on dum for 10 minutes.

Your delicious dum arbi will be ready now.Serve Dum arbi with paratha, poori, naan or with jeera rice.

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Dum Arbi Recipe, How To Make Dhaba Style Dum Arbi
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Dum Arbi

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