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Duluth Teen Shoots Step-dad

Posted on the 09 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
 The Duluth News Tribune reports, link provided by DKos user carolus
It seems the 16-year-old had unsupervised access to the gun safe. Plus, we now know, he had some terrible problems with anger management. And the factor which tied it all together was the basic understanding taught to kids all accross the land in gun friendly homes, that the gun is the answer.
According to the petition, Doberstein told investigators that he didn’t like his stepfather, and that they had had an argument two weeks ago. Doberstein told investigators that he had taken a .22-caliber revolver from a gun safe in the master bedroom, intending to kill either himself or McKellar. When he thought of the earlier argument, “anger took over him.”
Doberstein told investigators how he walked up behind McKellar, who was sleeping in an easy chair, and “described how he knelt down behind his stepdad and then put the gun up behind his stepdad’s head, braced the gun with his other and then fired the gun.”
Doberstein then went to wake his mother, telling her “something is wrong with Dad.” He then returned the gun to the gun safe, where officials found it loaded with three cartridges, one of which was spent.
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