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Dudepins Added a CTO Dude

By Dudepins @dudepins

Well, it’s been a quite a roller coaster ride so far, the best type of course, and we’re proud to announce that Sohail Suleman (the snazzy look gentleman below) has joined the Dudepins team. The addition of Sohail and his varied talents completes the Dudepins circle. Not only is Sohail a serious Dude, he is also a rockstar when in come to anything technical and development related, something that we haven’t quite completely captured up to this point.

Dudepins added a CTO Dude

Sohail has a record of leading teams through solving large scale engineering problems over the last 15 years.  His extensive experience includes software development in mobile, web and server technologies for analytics, gaming and high throughput messaging.

Prior to joining DudePins, Sohail led Agile teams at Tribal Technologies in the development of a massively scalable cloud architecture that is the engine for a mobile gaming challenge platform.  He was also responsible for architecting the server infrastructure that is the backbone of Tribal’s mobile backend and messaging platform.

In his spare time Sohail enjoys mountain biking, skiing, riding his motorcycle and watching romantic comedies on DVR or Blu-Ray.  He is especially passionate about algorithms and dudes.

Welcome Sohail, we’re extremely proud to have you as our Co-founder CTO.

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