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DuBois, PA to Dickson, TN

By Timschreckengost @timshrek
DuBois, PA to Dickson, TN

Ring-billed Gull near Lodi, Ohio on 2/27/2012

Today, I drove from DuBois, Pennsylvania to Dickson, Tennessee. I was hoping to make it to Memphis, but failed to do so. Because I spent so much time in the car today, I really didn’t take many photos and did not do much birding. However, I did bird whenever I stopped to get gas or stretch. Along the drive and during stops I saw Red-tailed Hawks, Turkey Vultures, a Great Blue Heron, Ring-billed Gulls, Red-winged Blackbirds, European Starlings, Canada Geese, House Sparrows, American Crows, and a dead Cooper’s hawk.


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