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DRT News - Jesus Christ Says - All the Physical Real Estate of Faith Must Come Down.

Posted on the 04 July 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

DRT News - Jesus Christ says - All the physical real estate of Faith must come down.

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The physical real estate of faith, meaning all the temples to worship God at. Faith is not a Game of Football with a Stadium and Rival fans to combat. Faith is a state of mind, based on Education by one's nearest and dearest, or the State, or conglomerate Industry. Those who cause us the most joy and the most pain with their adherence to DRT or Dogma Regurgitation Therapy.
I'll quote substantially from fellow Oxford writer Philip Pullman's IT'S A STORY i.e. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, which I'm close to finishing and properly enjoying. As a story. As a retelling of the Messiah story, let's say. I still can find no proof that Jesus (or Christ) ever existed in a historical sense but let's plod on, blindly.
by Philip Pullman page 197: 

As soon as men who believe they're doing God's will get hold of power, whether it's in a household or a village or Jerusalem or Rome itself, the devil enters into them. It isn't long before they start drawing up lists of punishments for all kinds of innocent activities, sentencing people to be flogged or stoned in the name of God for wearing this and eating that or believing the other. 
And the privileged ones will build great palaces and temples to strut around in, and levy taxes on the poor to pay for their luxuries; and they'll start keeping the very scriptures secret, saying there are some truths too holy to be revealed to the ordinary people, so that only the priest's interpretation will be allowed, and they'll torture and kill anyone who wants to make the word of God clear and plain to all; and with every day that passes they'll become more and more fearful, because the more power they have the less they'll trust anyone, so they'll have spies and betrayals and denunciations and secret tribunals, and put the poor harmless heretics they flush out to horrible public death, to terrify the rest into obedience.
And from time to time, and to distract the people from their miseries and fire them with anger against someone else, the governors of this church will declare that such-and-such a nation and such-and-such a people is evil and ought to be destroyed, and they'll gather great armies and set off to kill and burn and loot and rape and plunder, and they'll raise their standard over the smoking ruins of what was once a fair and prosperous land and declare that God's Kingdom is so much larger and more magnificent as a result.

As Pullman is (blatantly) pointing out here, "We live in such a War World," thanks to these communal, dividing, edifices.
To liberate the people of Free Planet from such religious entrainment throughout their short lives of wage-slavery and debt-slavery to the whims of brutal (arbitrary) corporate i.e. private, landlords and barons, IT'S IMPERATIVE THAT ALL THE TEMPLES, PYRAMIDS, CHURCHES, CATHEDRALS, SYNAGOGUES and MOSQUES COME DOWN. We have to de-focus and de-educate mankind about 'what he thinks God is'. If God's out there, HE KNOWS ALREADY, don't worry or fret or put a planetary population under slavery conditions to re-enforce the Battlements of his Existence. God is, or isn't. And you can't do anything physically or spiritually to change that.
If you're a believer you k.n.o.w. that God can hear you, wherever you are in the universe. God does not need nor condone such a massive waste of Human Financing, Resource Destruction and Materials Creations that Places of Worship entail.

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