Driving With CBD

Posted on the 26 January 2020 by Vapeshopuk

There is much discussion on how legal CBD is, and where it is legal to take it. One matter that is often raised is whether or not you can drive after taking CBD, since it is illegal to drive after using cannabis, the plant CBD is taken from. Today I will guide you through whether or not you can drive with CBD.

Can CBD Get You High?

The main reason why you cannot drive after smoking cannabis is because of the psychoactive elements to it, which affects your reaction times and your co-ordination. The chemical in marijuana that creates this "high" is tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC for short). 

Due to European law, CBD can only contain a very small amount of THC (a maximum of 0.2% THC). This amount is not big enough to create any psychoactive effects and therefore will not get you high.

Can You Drive With CBD?

Yes. This is because CBD reacts with 2 receptors on the endocannabinoid system which are responsible for helping manage pain and regulate appetite. Taking CBD can alter your mood, but not in a bad way, and your functions don't stop working when you take it.

It is worth noting, however, that some people can experience side effects from taking CBD, like lightheadedness. While these effects are not serious, it is best not to drive if you feel these effects.

The best way not to feel these effects is by taking a low strength of CBD. You should consult your doctor to see what strength you should take, since different people have different limits.

Tips For Driving With CBD

While it is safe to drive with CBD, there are some tips that you should do to make yourself safer when driving with CBD.

  • If, while you are driving, you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded, pull over. While this might not be due to the CBD, it is best for you to be safe and wait for the dizziness to finish before driving again.
  • Take some CBD with you if you often get stressed in traffic. Since you are driving, stress is never a good thing. CBD comes in many forms, so there shouldn't be a problem.
  • If you see someone taking a lot of CBD during the day, it does not mean you should take a higher dosage, since different people have different doses. That person's body may require a lot of CBD for it to work.

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

CBD should not show up on a drug test, since it is THC that is picked out on a drug test, and it only comes in a very small, undetectable amount in CBD. If you get a product that has lots of THC in, it may then show up, but these amounts are not generally legal.

There are occasions where CBD does show up due to the composition and quality of the product taken, but this is very rare. Be sure you pick high quality CBD products to avoid this.

Overall, CBD is safe and legal to drive with, but high strengths can cause minor side effects like dizziness which may affect your driving. Make sure you know the best strength to take before you drive, and have a nice day!

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