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Driven to Drink - Beer and Gin - Cynical Duty.

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Driven to drink - beer and gin - cynical duty.
it's not like it's a NEW PHENOMENON, the UK are a nation of Drunkards.
We've always loved a good drink, in UK.
And governments have known this for centuries: if you put a nation under enough stress, it'll turn to drink. It's like with broadband internet, it becomes just another lovely way to enhance Consumerism.
Another new gadget: so, alcoholism (and Marlboro Man tobacco-ism) seriously damages the human body and is addictive, SO FUCKING WHAT?
It's not like any government cares what you do with your body, you're free to do with it what you will, it just cares about getting its Duty; it's slice of your life, healthy or broken.
Now, you might think this is a cynical remark, and it is - we're supposedly living in a Democracy that encourages  a supposed Free Market where demand 'should' drive down price. I mean, THAT'S THE FUCKING IDEA of Free Market. If more people wanna buy an item/service, the price drops. That's why we have a Monopolis and Mergers Commission, so that one Corporate Entity doesn't fix the price for any item/service.
Govt Moves On Minimum Price For Alcohol is a version of a cynical monopoly, in the same way that VAT is a cynical monopoly, in the same way that Corporations Complicitly Price Fixing is a monopoly. It's just about getting taxes/benefit from You The Consumers who are buying 'things they don't really need'. Yeah, right, they 'don't really need' these items but there's a massive advertising campaign for these 'things you don't need' and eventually, you'll think you need them.
Look at the personal-surveillance tool, the Mobile Phone. Soon, everyone will need one, by law. It'll be your direct link with Global Gov - but you can't see that. That's too 1984, right?  We're already there. The point of this is, Humanity is Broken when it Turns To Drink.
If there's a burgeoning market for any item/service, Free Market forces suggest the price should be going down, not going up!

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