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Drive-Thru Voting

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The Central Elections Committee is busy trying to figure out how to run an election during Corona times and keep everyone safe and healthy.
It looks like Israel will not use the mail in method recently employed by the United States of America. And that is probably a good thing, considering we don't want to wait weeks for the ballots to come in, nor do we want a good percentage of them to just disappear. And, the people who need to count the ballots aren't going to want to wait in line forever at the post office to pick them up. 
TOI reports that among the measures to be taken will be an increased number of polling stations, to reduce crowds, along with multiple voting booths in each station. The will be Corona gabbais at the polling stations to make sure people adhere to health guidelines. More special voting locations for the ill and quarantined. And the most interesting is the "voting drive thru" stations - for people in quarantine and with CoronaVirus. 
They will have all the regular safety measures at the polling stations, with dividers and distance and masks and all that. They decided to not allow online voting, nor to spread out the election over a few days as a way of decreasing the potential for crowding.

Drive-Thru voting

In these drive-thru voting stations, the voter will drive up right to a voting booth stand to select the ballot just by rolling down the window and taking one from the booth, and then to drive a couple more meters to place the ballot in the ballot box. If a couple comes together, one will have to get out while the other votes, and then I guess switch.
There will also be voting locations place din Corona Hotels (Coronatels) and Quarantine Hotels.
I am not sure what will happen with Corona patients or people n quarantine who do not have access to a vehicle to go to a drive thru to vote. Maybe there will be volunteer drivers who were already vaccinated or had previously been sick. 
I read elsewhere that those using the drive thru will be given a time slot to vote, an appointment, and will have to come within a few minutes of that time slot. I don't know how that will work as Israelis are not known for their being on time. It will cause riots when they are refused the right to vote, because they missed their slot. it will cause a backup of people waiting, causing more people to miss their voting slot, which will cause more anger and screaming. it will be chaos. Sounds like fun.
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