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Drip Review – Best Mailchimp Automation Alternative

Posted on the 30 September 2021 by Ankit Prakash @ankitpr89

The biggest hindrance for any businesses, whether small or medium, is converting leads to paid customers. The question is not whether you have the best product or services to offer.

It's more concentrated on- what marketing automation tools you have to market your product or service. When you start with email marketing you come along Mailchimp Automation suite where you can send email Newsletter campaign, Welcome emails and trigger emails along with marketing automation campaigns.

All such emails including the welcome emails help to build connections with your customers.

Marketers are moving from manual to automation. Almost 76 percent of marketers agree that automation of marketing is essential, according to Ascends2's ' Marketing Automation Trends' survey for 2016. 71 percent of businesses have already adopted automated marketing, of which 36 percent use it extensively. Reports have it that 23 percent of companies are likely to adopt the same in the near future.

Dependencies are getting replaced by powerful tools. Marketers now have the power to automate a personalized conversation with their users.

Be it lead generation, lead nurturing or converting- an automation marketing tool has a solution that encompasses everything.

You can read this post from Sujan Patel which covers about How Automated Email Drip Sequences Drive More Revenue.

MailChimp has now introduced CRM software that make sure that you build healthy relationships with your clients. It will help you to understand your customers better while providing you several ways to reach out to them.

MailChimp is easy to use for new as well as existing users. You can quickly organize your customer data and put them to good use for marketing purposes.

Let us review the MailChimp CRM features in details:

  1. A holistic view of audience: With MailChimp CRM, you can view well-segmented customer data at a glance. You can easily use this information to create targeted campaigns and relay them to customers with just a few clicks.
  2. Powerful segmentation: Now, when you have all your contacts in one place, the next thing that you might need to do is to segment the contacts. The MailChimp Segmentation tool is quite powerful that has a number of tags, segments, and groups that help you create your organizational structure quickly.
  1. : MailChimp offers growth, revenue, and Discover audience behaviorengagement reports to help its users understand how their marketing is faring. It also gives individual insights and patterns to help you improve your marketing efforts. You get to know what actions have brought a surge in your purchases and what are the personal preferences.
  2. : Once you have organized your data and found your customers insights, you can take help of the MailChimp marketing and Work on an individual levelautomation tools and start working on a one to one basis. So, you are sending the right message to the right audience at the right time.
  3. All in one customer dashboard: You do not have to switch tabs or windows to get details about your customer behavior. It already comes with pre-built segments like common tags, recent sources of growth, and even CLV, which is a great way to manage and plan your marketing efforts.

MailChimp has been a popular choice amongst marketers for creating their emails campaign but their pricing can be a turn-off for some. So, checking out other options is a great thing to do. Also when creating drip campaigns then other tools have better customization options especially if you are e-commerce.

Update: MailChimp recently joined forces with Intuit in September 2021. Small business owners that use Intuit products can also take advantage of this partnership.

So, you are sending emails that match your audience instead of one size fits all approach.

Drip Automation Tool - A Mailchimp Automation Alternative

The market is full of options. Many tools have been in the market for a longer time, such as MailChimp, Marketo, and Hubspot. Despite being here for quite some time, many new automation tools are making way. One such Mailchimp Automation alternative is marketing tool.

Founded by and launched in 2013, Drip will welcome you with the hard-hitting question prominently put up on the homepage: " Rob Walling why are the tools in this space so ridiculously expensive and, adding insult to injury, so hard to use? "

Following with an efficient answer, Drip ensures that you know why you are here. You will love Drip because it exactly knows the pain points and vehemently addresses them for you before you start exploring the tool.

I also covered about Drip in previous post 7 Next Generation Drip Email Apps that Drive Conversion.

The Mailchimp Automation Alterative, Drip allows you to craft every interaction with your leads, trial users and customers like an artisan

Drip marketing automation tool has been put out as a 'lightweight' alternative to existing popular drip campaigns and automation tools. How exactly Drip will fit your business is explained elaborately on the homepage itself. So, we will directly move to the unique features that make this tool a go-getter when you want to create emails campaign.

Email Opt-In Widgets
  • Instantly captures every subscriber on any and every page of your site via the live chat widget.
  • Either use an existing form you have or copy-paste the HTML form markup provided by Drip automation tool to use directly on your website.
  • Retain your users' attention for few more seconds with a properly-timed pop-up as they are about to exit from your website.
  • If you don't want to do coding then Drip comes with a public hosted version.

Free Crash Course on Marketing Automation

Most Live chat pop-ups talk about user support, help and so on. Drip will offer you a trimmed down and a precise marketing automation crash course not at a discount but absolutely FREE. An actionable 7-part email course to stay ahead of the curve is a bonus. It can really come in handy if you are setting up your drip campaign or planning to send an email for the first time.

Automated Email Campaigns

  • Send a series of emails (Drip Campaigns), do Broadcasts to notify about a new blog or a repeated event, and create triggered automated email responses to match specific events or actions.
  • With triggered emails you are more likely to get results from your campaigns.
    Flexible segment builder helps in identifying the right users for a specific email that help improve your campaign results.
    Every email sent out goes through the Liquid templating system, which means you can edit your email content for each subscriber if needed before you send it. I think this feature can really be a savior when putting up drip campaigns.
Lead Tagging and Scoring

Drip automation tool automatically tags your users based on their actions and activities, like clicking on any link in email, visiting a page of your website, making a purchase or to any other event you have created for your users. Drip also gives you the option of adding unlimited custom fields like 'name', 'phone no' etc.

Based on the activities of your lead,
Drip automatically generates a lead score, helping you to filter which are the most potential leads for conversion. So, you exactly know the customer needs and accordingly, you can design your drip campaign.

API Integration

Drip has a full-featured Javascript and server-side (RESTful) APIs and outbound webhooks. It also has integration with For more details, check these

Third-Party Integration

Drip has almost a dozen applications integrated in it. Starting with shopping cart applications to CRM and payment gateways- Drip has integrations with Chargify,, Shopify, PayPal, KickOffLabs, ClickFunnels, Demio, Facebook Lead Ads, GetSiteControl, Instapage, Leadpages, LeadsBridge, OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, and many more.

Maintain a Healthy List

If you don't want to be overwhelmed with unwanted emails then Drip enables you to regularly monitor your subscriber list. You can easily remove users who are not engaging with your emails. This can help you to keep a check on your cost as well, and maintain a high-quality subscribers' list and create an email drip campaign only for people who are interested instead.

Everything's Automated

Drip has 11 triggers and 14 actions in the automation rule builder. You can create triggered based campaigns and perform various operations. You can use it for lead tagging, opting leads in and out of email campaigns, record conversions, send these conversions to another application (like a CRM) and much more. If you want then Drip also automatically tracks your subscribers' activities, and various other performance merits.

Visual Workflow

This MailChimp Automation alternative has also recently announced Visual Workflows. Now you can craft your entire journey into an attractive visual. This feature is available for every account of Drip.

It's a six-step matter where you can put in your goals including the if-then logic and splits as required. The visuals are an easy step-by-step compilation to make sure you get error-free workflow.

Pricing Plans
Drip review is incomplete without looking at the pricing plans it offers. It is a powerful automation tool that offers pricing based on your number of subscribers. You can check the pricing with their draggable widget like below:

You get a 14-day free trial to check all the features. You pay $49 if you want up to 2500 subscribers and $122 for 5000 subscribers. The price increases as you increase the number of subscribers.

The highest mentioned cost is for 1,40,000 subscribers where you pay $1740 and if you want more than this you will need to talk to their support and connect to their sales team.

These two plans doesn't include Salesforce Integration and Remove Drip Branding. People who want this integration together might get disappointed.

Users, wide and far, have praised this marketing automation powerhouse tool/app.

Drip has measurably improved the number of new customers I net each month

- Brennan Dunn, Planscope

Update: October-16 2017; Drip launched the first marketing automation tool which is available for free and can process 100 email contacts per month.

Update: Now Drip is GDPR and CCPA compliant; after 25-May. Now you would be able to add consent forms and detail. Further, you can review the GDPR and CCPA detail from here.

Here is Capterra review on what other people say about Drip:

Free MailChimp Automation Alternative - Drip

Drip Vs MailChimp: Feature Comparison

MailChimp automation tool is definitely awesome and is quite popular too. However, there are reasons more than one why you would love it if you join Drip. Here's why -

Drip handles "Lists" differently than MailChimp. Like MailChimp requires you to create a list for an email campaign. In case you want to send another email to only a few members of that list, you will have to create an additional list manually and then set up a drip campaign.

You don't have all the emails listed down in one place. In Drip, every email ID ever added is included in the 'global list'. You can easily create groups and create an email customized as per your email campaign.

However, it makes sure that subscribers who are not active are automatically opted out from the list which is very beneficial in terms of creating an effective drip campaign.

You can also perform actions like tag subscribers based on their activities making it a lot easier to create an email and plan which email to send to whom. If you want this in your email tool then MailChimp doesn't have that.

  • Opt-in forms in MailChimp has to be settled manually to make it appear anywhere on your website. With Drip, you have a ready to paste the HTML code . You can always use third-party integrations to do this.
  • Drip provides just one default email template unlike that of MailChimp. In comparison to Mailchimps variety of email templates, Drip might look a loner; but Drip wins the game with just one template.
  • The default email template in Drip is mobile-friendly and has some nice typography and layouts . The email template will give you a feel of receiving an email from a friend. MailChimp seems to confuse marketers with a host of email template designs but reducing the email performance quality to some extent.

Check the below image to see what other people say about Drip:

Drip is a strong competitor of MailChimp and is a top-class solution for autoresponders. Start building a personal connection with your users, and make the maximum of your potential leads. The quicker you reach your users, the better are your chances to build a strong customer relationship. You can now request a demo or start using it right away.

Since we are still on MailChimp Alternatives, another automation tool that fits as a MailChimp Alternative is Aritic PinPoint. A comprehensive full-stack marketing automation tool, Aritic PinPoint is ideal for small and medium businesses. It is advanced in terms of features including features that are absent in MailChimp as well.

For instance, push notifications, SMS campaigns to global numbers, landing pages, and behavior-based list segmentation are unique to Aritic PinPoint. It offers integration with various CRM, CMS, social media platforms, websites, and mobiles and offers powerful drip campaign features.

High-end marketing automation features clubbed with device responsive templates, dynamic content, and gated video for personalized profiling of leads, smart web forms, website and lead tracking, detailed analytics, designing effective drip campaigns and reports.

Aritic Pinpoint is a compact resource catering to various aspects of the marketing funnel: from identifying and capturing leads to converting them into visitors, customers, and finally promoters. So, if you are looking for a tool that include everything on one single platform with the ease to send and create emails then Aritic PinPoint it is.

An overview of Drip email marketing tool:

What do We like?

Drip has one of the best automation workflows.
Drip has an upper hand over Mailchimp when it comes to marketing intelligence.
The integrations offered by Drip are well crafted where it integrates with Shopify, wooCommerce, and Magento.
Drip can help you increase your conversions if you have a lot of visitors on your website by quickly setting up drip campaigns.

Drip email automation tool
Questions related to Mailchimp automation alternatives selection:
Drip Review – Best Mailchimp Automation Alternative

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