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Drinky Winky Pairings – Beers of the Doctor.

By Bolanrox

We have pretty much been binge watching Doctor Who on BBC America for a week straight at this point. After that long you start asking questions, like what beer would go good with show, and do I finally have a blog topic to post about?


Gotta get those enzymes working proper again.

Now saying Bell’s Two Hearted Ale would be the obvious choice.  Though it is a US beer, and if I have learned nothing over the week, if it is not British its not going to fly.  Where too now then eh? I am thinking something quintessentially British something classic, timeless and most importantly something quirky. In my mind at least it has to be from, Fuller’s, Samuel Smith, or Young’s.

But what though,  Fuller’s Vintage Old Ale or London Porter? They certainly have the timeless and old thing going for them..

A Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout?  Classic but kinda quirky, certainly a solid nomination.

Wells Banana Bread Beer (Bottle)
For my choice though i am taking the quirky to the max: Well’s and Young’s, Banana Bread Beer.  On the surface kinda kid friendly but for adults,  weird as all get out, but actually works and comes together as something quite unforgettable in a good way.

For the folks at home, what would you go with?

Drinky Winky Pairings – Beers of the Doctor.

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