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Dressing with...Piet Mondrian

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
Dressing with...Piet MondrianPiet Mondrian,
Monsieur Mondrian like many artists had a love affair with the City of Lights, Paris. He also had quite the mustache: it was similar to his artwork in that it was simple, not over done, but not easily over looked either.
Piet Mondrian described his art work as "a search for beauty in it's most simple (honest) form"; line, shape and color. Don't all colors stem from the primary? And don't all shades and hues ride the slope of black and white? In a time where the population was trying desperately to recover from a world war, frivolity seemed like a fairytale: foreign, silly, and only for those refused to face reality. Mondrian wanted a simple world. A realistic world. But above all, he wanted a world where beauty could still exist, unspoilt. The world it seemed, had gone gray - and he wanted to add a bit of color.
Dressing with Piet Mondrian
Dressing with Piet Mondrian by ambersmouthwash featuring clutch hand bags

Dressing with...Piet Mondrian

Liz C. of Late Afternoon

Dressing with...Piet Mondrian
Piet Mondrian, Place de la Concorde 
Dressing with Mondrian pt 2

Dressing with Mondrian pt 2 by ambersmouthwash featuring long sleeve blouses

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