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Dressing to Impress? Remember These Five Essentials

By G J @myfavesjournal

Forget all the old rules – these days the mark of a modern gentleman is shown by his ability to make an impression. This is important whether you’re dressing for an interview, a romantic date, or just for a night out on the town. If you’re dressing to impress today, make sure you take note of these five essential aspects to looking the part.

Every man needs a trademark – something that makes the whole look belong to him. This can be anything from a cologne to a favorite tie. The way you dress is a reliable reflection of what sort of a man you are. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself the question: what does this look say about me? Dressing in a manner which accentuates all the best aspects of your personality is sure to increase your confidence. Style means success.

Your attitude goes a long way. It can mean the difference between a strong look and an unsuccessful one. Without a positive and confident approach, all your efforts will prove to be in vain. It doesn’t matter if you have every other aspect down to a tee – if the attitude is wrong, the ensemble is wrong. Remember the tried-and-tested basics: a tall walk and a winning smile are all you really need.

Just as important as looking the part is feeling the part. This is why comfort has to come into consideration when you’re dressing to impress. It’s no good looking great if you secretly can’t wait to change into something more comfortable. Remember: being smart doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your comfort. There are all sorts of things you can do to remain at ease. For example, the use of a collar extender can go a long way in keeping you comfortable while you’re looking your best.

The key to accessorising well is not to overdo it. Also, remember that your accessories should make sense with the situation and the people you’re with. Investing in a handsome briefcase can go a long way towards completing your smart look. Accessorising works best when it’s understated and subtle. It’s the little details that tend to really make an impression on people!

Once you have your unique style worked out, this should be a blast. So you know what your style is, and you’re brimming with confidence. You’ve made sure that you’re as comfortable as possible. You’ve even got a couple of accessories to finish off the look. Now what? Well, a great tip is to have something about your appearance which is memorable. You don’t need to go over the top here – a small detail can be memorable – but it’s important that you have something unique. This is equally true whether you’re going to a job interview, or meeting that special lady. Making a good first impression gets you far in the long run. What makes the outfit yours?

So, whatever the situation, remember to keep it simple, comfortable and memorable. And don’t forget the importance of a positive attitude. Follow these steps, and you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go!

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