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Dressing Moodboard. This is the Updated Moodboard Tat I Made a...

By Lauramoodley

Dressing Moodboard.

This is the updated moodboard tat I made a couple of years ago for my walk in closet. Every so often I add and take away images which inspire me or remind me of interesting items that I have stashed away in my own wardrobe so that I never have days when I dont know what to wear. 

The problem with owning a lot of clothes, is choice. What to wear with what? What style am I feeling today? What hair? what Make up or nail colour? So I decided to create a board covered with all my fashion icons and images from Pinterest as well as some pix of recent outfits that I wore and felt great in, so I should never be stuck again for the perfect ensemble. 

My Icons include Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Dita Von Teese, Carrie Bradshaw (ofcourse!) and Marie Antoinette. My love of dramatic hair styles (having hair so long it goes past my butt leaves a lot of room for creativity), colour, texture and drama are all represented here and gives me food for thought when Im looking through my thousand pieces but feel like nothing is right. 

This is a recommended project for any fashionista and I may even go as far as to make individual boards for each different look that I wish to create - thus also showing me what is lacking in my wardrobe and which pieces to look out for when im off shopping :) 

xoxo LLM

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